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Novin Didegan Ophthalmology Clinic

Novin Didegan Ophthalmology Clinic

Novin Didegan Ophthalmology Clinic

subspecialty complex in the fields of general surgery, ophthalmology, ENT, dermatology was established in 1999 with the presence of a group of professors and the most experienced subspecialty physicians in the country and using the most modern and advanced Medical equipment , laser , paraclinical devices and excellent staff are equipped daily with 5 operating rooms, one outpatient operating room, two LASIK operating rooms, inpatient wards and private rooms at the service of our dear compatriots.

The specialized and super-specialized clinic has always tried to provide services based on the instructions and standards issued by the Ministry of Health.

Focusing on diagnostic and therapeutic activities, this collection reduces the number of patients referring to ophthalmology centers and at the same time offers the best and highest quality Optical treatments using the most advanced equipment and supplies in the world of ophthalmology.



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