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Medical Park & Health Tour Operator

CEO of Healtha

Mr. Reza Ghazi

As a managing director ,I promise to all who trust to healtha and use its services ,that you have been chosen the best, because we have got the best possible experiences to provide the best medical and tourism services to all people all over the world by different nationality.

COO of Healtha

Mr. Seyed Soheil Mehrzad

Thank you for choosing healtha medical park to receive medical and tourism services. We aren’t the best, but also try to be best of the best by choosing the most professional medical teams and using the most updated facilities , medical and tourism centers. So according to healtha motto (healtha, your choice) we just have one aim , complete satisfaction of customers and all who cooperate with us.
Welcome to Healtha.
By the way, I recommend you cooperate with Healtha and be its benefits partner.

IRM of Healtha

Dr. Sasan Momeni

Muscat Sultanate of Oman

MDM of Healtha

Mr. Borhan Karamollahi

Tourism Manager

Ms. Zali



As a Healtha tourism services manager, I’m so happy to provide you the best tourism services and promise you we are ready to provide your required services by low costs.
You can contact Healtha to receive services such as visa, round trip ticket to Iran, accommodation in hotels and suits, airport CIP, transfer, interpreter, urban and intercity tours.
Be sure our goal is , building good memories for you.

Iraq Offices

Mr. Mohammad Jarvand