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FAQ Your Frequently Asked Questions

Healtha with the slogan (Healtha, The First Choice) is a center and a Collection of medical and tourism centers that are based on  and in accordance with the healthcare standards in the world with lowest price, so that every client from all around the world can receive the best healthcare services with affordable cost.

How can you get acquainted with Healtha Medical Park?

  1. By searching for the treatment of therapeutic fields in the searcher
  2. By getting acquainted with the Healtha website at Healtha.Health
  3. By getting acquainted with the social network Facebook at Facebook.com/Healtha.health
  4. By getting acquainted with the Instagram social network at Instagram.com/ Healtha.health
  5. By contacting brokerage and tourism companies have a contract with Healtha
  6. By getting acquainted with the representatives of the contracting with Healtha
  7. By getting acquainted with the doctors who have a contract with Healtha

How do I submit my request?

  1. By calling Healtha WhatsApp number
  2. By contact, divided into part online chat, Healtha
    Go through an email to Healtha, its address Info@helatha.health

Who will answer my questions and requests?

  1. Healtha group of guides and consultants will carefully review all your needs and questions and will answer the best necessary advice regarding the medical and tourism you need.
  2. After your contact with Healtha Consultants has been established, it is the duty of Healtha Consultants to be by your side until your final decision and to provide the best advice. Therefore, for your satisfaction, as many as necessary will contact you.

Is it necessary to send medical records to receive medical advice?

  1. Of course, if you have medical records, Healtha consultants can guide you in the shortest time.
  2. If you do not have documents, Healtha consultants will tell you what documents to prepare and send to us, or in person when traveling to Iran and Healtha treatment centers, with a doctor’s prescription. The desired will be prepared for you.

How long does it take to receive medical advice?

Most of the explanations will be given at the same time and will not take much time.

  • For some cases and diseases, it takes between 1 to 24 hours.
  • For special and exceptional cases, it will take up to 48 hours.

What information will Healtha counselors and guides give me about medical services?

  • Healtha specialists and consultants will first carefully and expertly review your information and requests and then provide you with answers to your questions and requests as well as other ancillary services you need.

This information will include the two sections of medical services and tourism services as follows:

  • Presenting and introducing various treatment packages (regular, VIP and luxury)
  • Appropriate and effective treatment methods
  • Determining treatment costs
  • The total duration of treatment required
  • Determining the necessary time for hospitalization in the medical center
  • Determining the necessary time to stay in accommodation centers
  • Ambulance service from the airport or within the city in necessary cases and according to the request of the patient.

How should I deliver the cost to you for services?

  • In cash at the medical center
  • Through our representatives in your city or country
  • Through exchange offices

Through the central office of Healtha Medical Park located in Tehran

Will Healtha be confidential and trustworthy of my information?

Yes. We must say that one of the main obligations of Healtha is the trust and confidentiality of information about our patients, so that patients who choose our brand to receive services can refer to the centers under our coverage with peace of mind and confidence.

Can I trust the Healtha collection?

Yes, it certainly is, and we demand that Healtha and its agents be fully assured. Because:

  • Healtha will treat you with complete honesty.
  • Healtha will provide you with the best quality of medical services.
  • Healtha offers you the best tourism services.
  • The headline of Healtha is to provide services along with good morals

and good behavior and to provide pure Islamic ethics to patients and their companions.

  • And one of the main obligations of Healtha is the trust and confidentiality of information about our patients.

Do you know why?

Because the clients of Healtha are in fact the guests of Healtha and it is our religious and humane duty to work in the best possible way and in the direction of the satisfaction of our dear clients.

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