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Providing Tourist SIM Card

  • “Tourist SIM card” is a type of credit SIM card that youcan get from Healtha Medical Park when traveling to Iran.

  • With this SIM card, you didn’t need to provide international SIM cards and pay high fees to call abroad.

  • By using the “tourist SIM card”, you can call in and
    out of Iran, send SMS and enjoy the fastest internet
    in Iran.

Advantages of tourist SIM card:

Its affordable price

Having high speed internet

Available upon arrival in Iran (at the airport by Healtha interpreter)

Can be used immediately after being on your mobile phone

By buying this type of SIM card, you buy the credit you need in
cash and then you can call, send SMS and enjoy high-speed internet
without having to pay the subscription fee and receive the bill.

How to buy a tourist SIM card:

Provide passport number and copy of passport

Buy credit for SIM card

Explanation: Before buying a SIM card, be sure to consult with Healtha Medical Park consultants before traveling to Iran.

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Providing Healtha Travel Card

Carrying money or converting money with the best exchange rate and knowing the payment methods is always one of the main concerns of traveling to another country such as patients and foreign tourists.

Due to the fact that credit cards are not usable in Iran and carrying money carries its own risks, for the first time in Iran and for the convenience of patients and foreign tourists, Healtha Medical Park in cooperation with Darik Company Representing of Tejarat Bank and The

Central Bank of Iran has prepared an alternative and suitable card for international credit cards in Iran so that all foreign tourists and patients can enjoy traveling in Iran without worrying about the exchange rate or losing money.

To use the Healtha Travel Card and its benefits, you can order Healtha Consultants to purchase a Healtha Travel Card, the Healtha Travel Card support team will provide you with the necessary support services 24 hours a day.

Benefits of Healtha Travel Card:

  • 1) Eliminate the currency conversion process
  • 2) Possibility to buy an Iranian card bank (Healtha Card) with your name and details
  • 3) Change your money to Iranian currency with the best exchange rate and deposit it to your card (up to $ 10,000 per day)
  • 4) The possibility of accepting the card in the banking network and easy shopping from all Iranian stores and shops across the country
  • 5) Possibility of refunding the remaining money in the card (Changing the remaining money from Healtha card to your own card account)
  • 6) Prevent tourists from carrying cash and increase security
  • 7) Ability to charge Healtha Card by MasterCard, Visa Card and other bank accounts from around the world
  • 8) Ability to request the card issuance in absentia for you
  • 9) Approved and supported by the Central Bank
  • 10) Issuance of card by Tejarat Bank of Iran (by order of Healtha Medical Park)
  • 11) 24 Hour Support

In terms of efficiency, it is no different with the international cards; only this card is active in Iran.

How to prepare a travel card:

  • 1) Order to buy a card to Healtha Consultants
  • 2) Send a photo of the first page of the passport + contact number to Healtha consultants
  • 3) Issuance of a bank card in your name in less than 24 hours
  • 4) Delivery of Healtha travel card at the airport or Healtha medical centers to you
  • 5) Card usage instruction
  • 6) instruction to recharge the card

instruction how to change card balances to your own country in coordination with support

Preparation cost and duration of using the travel card:

  • 1) The cost of each travel Healtha card is 30 Dollars and only once.
  • 2) The validity of using the card is 6 months, which can be extended to any number
  • 3) Renewal costs are zero.

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Providing Call Center Services

One of the most important services of Healtha Medical Park is the services of attendant interpreter.

Healtha Medical Park has the best and most experienced trained interpreters in all different and required languages for the comfort and tranquility of patients and foreign tourists.

Healtha interpreters are fluent in Arabic, English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, etc., 

 What the interpreters should do in Call center:

  • receiving advice through WhatsApp
  • Guide the patient as their requires before traveling to Iran
  • Help the patient or his accompany if encounter a problem while exist in Iran.
  • check patient situation during recovery period and after back to home.
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Providing Ambulance Services (Ground & Air)

Air Ambulance:
Healtha Medical Park for better welfare assistance to patients who have undergone special conditions, in cooperation with Parasto Company (the only Iranian company that has the necessary international licenses, modern equipment and trained personnel to provide air ambulance services) and the best Medical flight attendants are available, so that if these special patients need special transportation by plane or helicopter, they can be transferred to the Healtha Medical Center in the shortest possible time.

For some patients, such as injuries, injuries and fractures caused by crises, accidents, conflicts, etc., or certain diseases such as cardiovascular injuries, burns, brain injuries, etc., in which time plays a decisive role. Safe and fast to medical centers is a must and for this purpose, the use of air ambulance is the best and safest option.
Healtha Medical Park is ready to provide air ambulance services to your special patients from anywhere and from any country by plane or helicopter.

Ground Ambulance:

Healtha Medical Park has activated its ambulance unit in order to meet the needs of foreign patients for ambulances, so that foreign patients who need ambulances can benefit from its services upon arrival in the country.
Provide services with best quality in accordance with international standards to members as well as patients in need of medical transfer:
Healtha Medical Park Ambulance Unit, with the appropriate vehicles as well as trained technicians and emergency physicians with up-to-date experience and knowledge, can transport patients in CCU, ICU, NICU and PICU conditions.

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Providing Visa Issuance And Renewal Services

Foreigners are required to obtain a visa to enter Iran. Applicants must apply through the Iranian embassy located in different countries of the world. Of course, the process of receiving it varies slightly depending on the country of residence of the applicant.

  • Citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada should spend more time obtaining Iranian visas than citizens of other parts of the world.
  • Citizens of Turkey, Armenia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Syria, Egypt, Bolivia and Venezuela are exempt from obtaining visas and can enter the country for a certain period of time (as follows) without receiving an Iranian visa.
  • Citizens of Turkey, Armenia for 3 months
  • Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Syria 1 month
  • Egyptian citizens 20 days
  • Venezuelan citizens 15 days

If these people want to stay in Iran longer, they must apply for a residence permit and a visa.

Iran Airport Visa:
Iran airport visa is a type of tourist visa that is issued to citizens of several foreign countries inside one of Iran’s international airports.
Countries whose citizens are eligible for an airport visa are:
Russia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Palestine, Albania, Germany, Austria, Spain, Australia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Oman, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia , Ukraine, Italy, Ireland, Bahrain, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Bronte, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Hungary, Peru, Thailand, China, Japan, Korea North, Denmark, Romania,
Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Cyprus, Malaysia, Croatia, Luxembourg, Mongolia, Mexico, New Zealand, Venezuela, Vietnam and Yugoslavia »

We should mentioning that the validity period of Iran airport visa is
1 month and it is issued only at Iran International Airport.

T Visa:
In Iran, 12 types of visas are defined for foreign travelers entering the country, one of which is a T-type visa or medical visa.

Since the medical services of Iran have been welcomed by the people in many countries, in order to facilitate the entry of health tourists to the country for those who seek to receive health services in Iran, a T visa is issued.

T visa includes all kinds of treatment of diseases, hydrotherapy services, check-up services and any beauty services.

Benefits of a T visa:

  • A person can enter Iran with this visa as a patient companion.
  • The patient who receives a (T) visa can take sick leave from his workplace in his country based on it.
  • The time limit of visa (T) is 30 days, but if according to the circumstances, the patient needs to be more present in the country, this limit will be increased to 90 days.

The fee of (T) visa is free for Healtha Medical Park patients.

Iranian visa extension (passport must be valid for at least 6 months)

  • You must apply for an Iranian visa extension at least 1 to 4 days before the visa expires.
  • Iranian visa can be extended only once.
  • A traveler who is coming with a 30-day visa to Iran can extend his visa for another 30 days, and a traveler who has obtained a 15-day airport visa can extend his visa for another 15 days (only once).
  • Iranian visas for citizens of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom cannot be extended and citizens of these three countries can only be in Iran at a specified time and according to a predetermined schedule.

The visa management department of Healtha Medical Park will apply for visa extension. Therefore, no need to worry.

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Providing Flight Ticket Preparation Services (Domestic & Foreign)

Healtha Medical Park can buy any flight ticket from all over the world.

To meet this need, patients and foreign tourists can pay for it through the accounts that will be provided by Healtha Medical Park, to prepare a flight ticket for medical services in Healtha Medical Park.

Providing Travel Insurance Services

Since the accident is never reported, for the welfare of patients and their companions, people who apply for medical and tourism services through Healtha Medical Park can use Healtha Travel Insurance services.

This service is free for those who use Healtha medical services.

Providing Airport Formality Services & CIP

Airport CIP Services Include:

  • Dedicated gate (police, passport and customs) for incoming and outgoing passengers
  • Dedicated counter for receiving incoming and outgoing passengers and carrying dedicated passenger luggage
  • Dedicated bank counter for banking affairs, including Rials and foreign currency of passengers
  • Obtaining an airport visa and performing legal formalities (with prior coordination)
  • Transfer of passengers from the aircraft stairs to the Dedicated ceremonial hall and vice versa
  • Passenger departure exclusively without delay
  • reception
  • Ability to buy from stores and shops located in CIP

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Providing Airport & City Transfer Services

To solve the confusion at the airport, to route the passenger, to prevent wasting time or to get the desired vehicle at a reasonable price, Healtha Medical Park, with pre-arranged arrangements, is the best vehicle including taxis, vans or stylish cars and SUV (Chassis car). Has been prepared for patients and their companions so that patients and tourists in Healtha do not have any worries and concerns in this regard.

  • Airport transfer is free for people using Healtha Health Services.

Provide Interpreter Services

One of the most important services of Healtha Medical Park is the services of attendant interpreter.

Healtha Medical Park has the best and most experienced trained interpreters in all different and required languages for the comfort and tranquility of patients and foreign tourists.

Healtha interpreters are fluent in Arabic, English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, etc., 


Attendant Interpreter is one who will be with patients and tourists and their guide in the following cases:

    •  Upon arrival in Iran at the airport
    •  When entering accommodation centers
    •  When entering medical centers (during treatment)
    •  When buying from markets (during the purchase period)
    •  When visiting tourist attractions (during the tour as a tour guide)
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Providing Accommodation Services With Breakfast

Booking a hotel is usually one of the first things tourists do before each trip.

  • You can have the best options in terms of quality, price and proximity to the medical center for accommodation to have a stay with peace and security by consulting with Healtha consultants at times when the patient or his companion should rest outside the medical center.
  • For your convenience, Healtha Medical Park has predicted and will offer you the best 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and even private houses.

Providing catering services in traditional Iranian cafeterias and restaurants

Undoubtedly, the traditional architecture of Iran is one of the most beautiful and unique tourist attractions of this country.

Meanwhile, traditional restaurants and Iranian food, both in terms of architecture and decoration, as well as in terms of cooking a variety of Iranian food, is one of the unique attractions for foreign tourists.

Due to the variety of food in Iran, enjoying Iranian food and drinks while traveling is also a form of entertainment.

Healtha Medical Park offers patients and their companions to use delicious traditional Iranian cafeterias to eat delicious Iranian food (lunch and dinner).

  • In addition, in some of these traditional cafeterias, Iranian traditional music is performed live.


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Providing Tour & City Tour

Healtha Medical Park has planned for the time that patients and their companions are in medical centers or accommodation, so that they can see and enjoy the beautiful attractions of Iran.

Accordingly, if patients wish, with the permission of the treating physician or the patient’s companions, they can use different Healtha tours. These tours are urban and intercity and include the following:

  • Ancient tours and world registration: (Iran has 25 amazing world registration attractions in UNESCO. Such as the historic city of Yazd, Persepolis complex in Shiraz, Pasargad complex, Biston in Kermanshah, Gonbad Soltanieh, etc.)

  • Pilgrimage tours: (Hazrat Abdolazim in Tehran, Hazrat Fatemeh in Qom and Hazrat Imam Reza in Mashhad)

  • Historical cultural tours: (Museum and palace of famous museums, mosques and historical monuments, etc.)

  • Recreational tours: (ski, Telecabin, Milad Tower, zoo, amusement park, tour of northern Iran, including forest and sea, etc.)

  • And shopping tour of the market

Healtha Medical Park offers a free one-day tour to people using Healtha Health Services.

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Providing Market (Bazaar) Purchase

One of the services of Healtha Medical Park is to introduce traditional and modern markets during the trip to patients and their companions.

You can get acquainted with these markets with the help and support of the interpreter of Healtha Medical Park Guide and go to buy necessities as well as gifts for your relatives and friends.

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