Negin Azadi Oncology Center

Negin Azadi Oncology Center

is one of the best specialized and sub-specialized oncology centers in Iran with up-to-date equipment in the world.

The establishment of this medical center has a central and advanced goal and focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer to patients, which includes all the necessary parts from the diagnosis to treatment and the patient receives his medical services in full.

Negin Azadi Center, benefiting from the scientific potential of more than 20 oncology specialists and renowned professors, with experience and a rich resume related to the field of work, try to increase the scientific potential of Negin Azadi Oncology Treatment Center and provide services to Has cancer patients.

This medical building has 17 floors, which includes 4 parking floors and about 200 private parking lots, which will simplify the service to the users of the complex in terms of traffic situation.


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