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About Healtha

Healtha with the slogan (Healtha, The First Choice) is a center and a Collection of medical and tourism centers that are based on  and in accordance with the healthcare standards in the world with lowest price, so that every client from all around the world can receive the best healthcare services with affordable cost.


What is the domain of activity of Healtha?

Healtha helps its clients from all around the work to receive the highest quality healthcare services with lowest cost. The concern of Healtha staff is clients satisfaction. Dear clients receive not only desirable healthcare services, but also they enjoy best accommodation, transfer service and interpreter and other welfare services.

Special implementation has taken shape at the level of modern international standards

This center consists of a number and a selection of special medical centers, travel services offices and special companies in the field of medical tourism whose mission is to provide medical services and tourism services with the best quality and the most appropriate prices to patients and international applicants.

The main mission of Healtha is to help medical tourists from all over the world to take advantage of the opportunity to solve health and physical problems in Iran and turn this country into a medical tourism hub, at least in the Middle East


In terms of the price of health services, Healtha aims to offer the most competitive rates with other countries so that the price of Healtha services is much lower than the price of similar services in the whole world

In this regard, Healtha with a strong, committed and professional staff and by attracting the best teams and specialized medical centers that have the necessary and abundant expertise and experience in the field of tourism and treatment, provide the highest standards in the field of medical services and care. To facilitate the selection of packages by patients and customers, it offers various packages but with the desired quality for each field of treatment

For this reason, Healtha is known in Iran and in the international community for two things:



1- Healtha Medical Park

It is a collection of the top medical centers and medical teams of Iran that provides all medical services along with the tourism services needed by foreign patients and their companions in a coherent and integrated manner and taking into account the necessary standards for customer satisfaction.

All of these centers have the necessary domestic and some international licenses from the Ministry of Health or special institutions and organizations in the field of medicine.


2- Healtha Tourism Operator

It is a center that manages all tourism services, modern marketing programs and counseling and responding to patients and they need.

The tourism services of this center are one of the best and most diverse services for the applicants of Healtha, the most important of which include the following:

  • Preparation of visa
  • Preparation of flight tickets
  • Airport reception services (translator, CIP and airport transfer services)
  • Patient and companion accommodation services
  • Catering services (especially in the special places such as traditional and tourist houses)
  • marketing from bazaar
  • Travel insurance
  • SIM card services
  • Travel card services
  • And holding, historical, recreational, pilgrimage and nature tours are one day and several days.

On the other hand, by performing the best and most important modern marketing methods in each country and by accessing the existing classified data, this center first attracts a large number of patients to itself (Healtha Medical Tourism Services Response Center) and Then, with a set of the best infrastructure and sufficient equipment, as well as a selection of the best trained translator consultants, including Arabic, English and Russian, it provides the possibility of proper response to patients, tourists and esteemed applicants.

In this regard, the main tasks and mission of Medical Park and Healtha Tourism Tour Operator is to achieve complete and 100% satisfaction of patients and customers with the aim of developing the market and attracting countless foreign patients.

Therefore, patients and applicants with Healtha can:

  • Receive the best necessary advice, including medicine and tourism, for free.
  • Have no worries about the quality and delivery of medical services outside your country.
  • You will use the best treatment methods.
  • You will use the best specialized and sub-specialized medical teams.
  • Use the best medical equipment.
  • Have complete satisfaction with the treatment results.
  • Enjoy traveling in Iran and receive excellent accommodation and tour services.
  • Visit and buy from well-known markets with reasonable prices.
  • Enjoy the reception in traditional Iranian centers and make memories.
  • Pay very reasonable prices for medical and tourism expenses.
  • You will Experience Ethics a morality full of love and kindness along with trustworthiness and fairness.
  • Since Healtha is not an intermediary company or a broker, Healtha helps patients to be able to work directly with selected medical teams and treatment centers and Healtha chain treatment centers in the Iranian capital, Tehran and other cities such as Mashhad. Get acquainted with Shiraz, Tabriz, etc. and communicate with it.


Companies and centers of Healtha Tourism Holding:


  • Healtha Tourism Development Company
  • International Institute of Ancient Tourism World
  • Ancient Tarita Tourism Development Company
  • HomaIrsa Travel Services Company
  • International Likotek American Company
  • Arian Digital Marketing Agency
  • Hospital ………….. as a general center / center
  • Specialized ………….. in Tehran city
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Phases of Healtha service to patients (from start-point to destination)

1-Patient contact with Healtha Center (for consultation and request registration):
A :  Directly through the patient's referral to the site or social networks of Healtha (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc):
Patient's communicating with the consultants of Healtha Medical Park through Center Call Offering of patient needs to Healtha consultant Receiving documents from the patient by Healtha Consultant Evaluation of the patient's medical conditions by the medical team of Healtha Medical Park

  • Providing physician answers and necessary medical advice and tourism services to patients by Healtha Consultant
  • Registering the patient’s request to receive medical and tourism services virtually
  • Determining the date of the patient’s arrival in Iran
  • Applying for visas and tickets to travel to Iran and Healtha Medical Park
  • Final confirmation by checking the visa and ticket date by the patient and Healtha counselor

B: By referring the patient directly to the offices or companies of Healtha contract in the patient’s country (origin):

  • Personally referral the patient to one of the offices or agencies of Healtha in his own country and his own city.
  • Supplying patients’ needs to Healtha counter
  • Receiving documents from the patient by Healtha office
  • Online visit of the patient by Healtha Medical Center in Iran at the Healtha representative office (if possible and needed)
  • Formation a temporary patient medical file by Counter Healtha
  • Sending a temporary medical file of the patient to Healtha Medical Park Center in Iran online
  • Evaluation of the patient’s medical needs by the medical team of Healtha Medical Park
  • Providing physician answers and necessary medical advice and tourism services to patients by Healtha Consultant
  • Providing the necessary medical and tourism consultations to patients by Healtha Counter
  • Registration of the patient’s request for receiving medical and tourism services by Healtha Counter
  • Determining the date of the patient’s arrival in Iran
  • Preparing visas and tickets for travel to Iran and Healtha Medical Park by Healtha counter
  • Final confirmation by checking the visa and ticket date by the patient, Healtha counter and Healtha consultant at Healtha Medical Park

C: Through direct referral of the patient to one of the medical centers of Healtha Park in Iran:

  • personally referral the patient to each office located in the medical centers of Healtha Park
  • Supplying patients’ needs to Healtha counter
  • Provide the necessary advice
  • Patient reception
  • Duties of Medical Consultants Healtha Medical Park (Medical Theories):
  • Assessing the basic needs of the patient
  • Reviewing the initial and submitted documents of the patient
  • Initial diagnosis and medical response for the patient
  • Specify the date of treatment
  • Determining the amount of treatment duration (period of treatment and residence in Iran)
  • determine treatment costs
  • Duties of consultants located in the patient’s city or located in the call center of Healtha Medical Park Center in Iran:
  • Provide medical advices
  • Introducing and offering the capacities and facilities provided by tourism and welfare services by Healtha Medical Park
  • Introducing and offering various treatment packages including: (gold, silver, bronze)
  • Registration patient requests and needs
  • Carrying out the necessary coordination with Healtha Medical Park Center in Iran


  • 2-Welcoming the patient at the airport by Healtha interpreter:
  • Healtha interpreter coming to greet the patient at the airport with a Signboard of the patient’s name.
  • The Healtha interpreter directs the patient to the airport transfer.
  • Healtha interpreter Precept the patient on the way from the airport to the city.
  • Healtha interpreter provides the patient with SIM card, travel insurance and travel card if he has already ordered it.
  • If the patient arrives on time, Healtha interpreter will refer him / her directly to the medical center.
  • If the patient does not arrive on time, the Healtha interpreter will first take him / her to the accommodation center and the next day will refer the patient to medical center for examination and treatment.
  • If the patient has already requested CIP‌ airport services or an ambulance request, all services start from the side of the plane and on the runway and the Healtha interpreter will see the patient in the VIP section of the airport.


  • 3-Admission and treatment of patients in hospitals or clinics under Healtha:
  • Examination of the patient by a specialist physician
  • Doing thing related File formation and admitting the patient in the medical center
  • Hospitalization of the patient in the medical center (if the medical center in the hospital and if it necessary)
  • Performing required Paraclinic services (tests, imaging, scanning, MRI, etc.)
  • Providing medical services to the patient and performing surgeries if needed
  • Doctor’s discharge order
  • Healtha interpreter accompanies the patient in all levels of admission and provision of medical services.



  • 4-Discharge and convoy the patient:
  • Receiving the patient’s discharge order from the medical center by a doctor
  • Settlement of financial accounts the patient’s with the medical center
  • Accompanying the Healthainterpreter with the patient to purchase the required drugs (if prescribed by a doctor)
  • Uses of tourism, recreation and welfare facilities and services of Healtha by the patient with the permission of the doctor
  • Settlement of the patient’s account with Healtha for the services provided by tourism and welfare
  • Coordinating by interpreter to transfer the patient to airport
  • convoy the patient to the airport by Healtha interpreter (if the patient needs)
  • The patient can use the tourism services of Healtha, including: accommodation, catering, tickets, transfers and sightseeing, pilgrimage and recreational attractions. (Some services are free for Healtha patients)


  • 5-Communicating with patients through WhatsApp to follow the recovery process:
  • Contact with the patient to follow the patient’s recovery
  • Providing support and information services to the patient by sending WhatsApp text messages in due time
  • Healtha informs its offers and discounts for Healtha patients at special times.
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Step By Step with Healtha

1-Selecting a package on Healtha website

Visit the Healtha.Health website and search and check out what you need.

2-Contact with Healtha

Contact Healtha consultants via WhatsApp Healtha number or online chat or Healtha email.

Report about your request.

Send your medical records.

Get free medical and travel advice to Iran.

  • 3-Preparing tickets and visas
  • Consult Healtha guides for issuing visas and tickets.
  • Visa and flight tickets to Iran, including:
  • Deposit the ticket and visa fee to the international account of Healtha for the preparation of visas and tickets by Healtha Obtaining a visa from the Iranian consulate
  • Issuance of visas at Iran’s international airports
  • Buy tickets from ticket sales sites or air travel service offices (travel agency)
  • 4-Travel to Iran:
  • Check your flight day with Healtha
  • Fly to Iran safely.
  • 5-Welcoming Healtha guide at the airport
  • Healtha interpreter guide welcomes you at the airport
  • You will transfer to a medical center or hotel
  • 6-Transfer to the treatment site:
  • Transfer to the treatment site
  • Examination and hospitalization and medical services
  • End of treatment and discharge from the medical center
  • 7-Providing tourism services
  • Visiting tourist attractions
  • Attractive museum visits
  • Visiting recreation centers
  • Buy from the bazaar ( marketing)
  • 8-Returning to your home and place of residence
  • Receiving a satisfaction card from Healtha
  • Taking a memorial photo with Healtha
  • Giving a gift from Healtha
  • Transfer to the airport
  • 9-Follow up by Healtha
  • Healtha consultants contact you to follow up on your satisfaction
  • Invitation to join the Healtha Customers Club and cooperate with Healtha
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Healtha Treatment Packages

1-The standard treatment package includes:

  1. Medical services: examination + Para clinical services + hospitalization + treatment in addition
  2. Tourism services: Visa + interpreter + gift from Healtha

2-The Gold package includes:

  1. Medical services: examination + Para clinical services + hospitalization + treatment + complete checkup in addition
  2. Tourism services: (Visa + interpreter + SIM card + Internet + one-day tour + one-time reception in the traditional cafeteria + CIP airport services + VIP airport transfer + city transfers + gift from Healtha
  • 3-The Silver package includes:
  • Medical services: (examination + Para clinical services + hospitalization + treatment) in addition
  • Tourism services: Visa + interpreter + SIM card + Internet + one day tour + VIP airport transfer + gift from Healtha
  • 4-Bronze package including:
  • Medical services: (examination + Para clinical services + hospitalization + treatment in addition
  • Tourism services: Visa + interpreter + Internet + gift from Healtha
  • All accommodation costs, including 3,4,5 star hotels, apartment hotels or private houses, are according to the demand of the patient if needed and requested by the patient. (Hotel amount is added to the package)
  • It should be mentioned that Healtha Medical Park offers the best accommodation centers with the most appropriate prices to offer to patients and their companions for the comfort and well-being of patients and in order to satisfy customers.
  • “Factors affecting on the price of medical packages and tourism services in Healtha “
  1. Selection a package by Patient (treatment only, gold, silver, bronze)
  2. Offering special discounts on Various occasions
  3. Having international standards and certificates of medical centers
  4. Degree and rank of medical centers (approved by the Ministry of Health)
  5. Public or private medical centers
  6. The quality of hotel services in medical centers
  7. How and how much to treat patients in medical centers
  8. The amount of welfare facilities of the medical center
  9. Up-to-date quality of medical equipment
  10. Specialist and treating physician (physician experience and reputation, number of operations Physician, having an international certificate of a physician)
  11. City of treatment (capital, provincial center, distance between city)
  12. Date and time of treatment (patient traffic in different seasons)
  13. Type and choice of accommodation (private house, apartment hotel, 3-star hotel, 5-star hotel – near to the treatment site)
  14. Prolongation of treatment (for unforeseen cases)
  15. Need for special medical equipment (for some surgeries)
  16. Need for additional and special medications (as prescribed by your doctor)
  17. Using special and higher quality services (patient support services, type of transfer, choosing the type of tourist tours, etc.)
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