why healtha

why healtha?

why healtha?

In Iran, Healtha health tourism holding,is a center which contains of selected companies and medical centers and its aim is providing medical and tourism services by the best international qualities and behaviors.
The main mission of Healtha is helping to medical tourists all over the world to treat their medical problems in Iran and it would become medical tourism hub in middle east. Healtha is known in Iran by two matter:

1-Healtha medical park:

Is complex of the best Iranian medical centers and teams that provide all required medical and tourism services to foreign patients and their companions by the required standards.

2-Healtha health tourism tour operator:

Healtha is one of the first health tourism tour operators which is launched in Iran. This center provide collection of the best trained consultant translators, suitable equipment and presentable services, to appropriate response to patients, tourists and applicants.
Healtha provides highest standards of medical services field, by strong ,committed and professional staff and by attracting the best and experienced specialists.
Also ,Healtha offers most competitive prices with other countries so that services prices in Healtha is less than prices of similar services in other countries very much.

We are proud to announce ,Healtha isn’t a broker company. So Healtha help to patients to become familiar with selected medical centers, specialists and treatment chain directly and connect them.
Be sure Healtha is the best choice.
If you want to receive required consultation free,
If you don’t want to worry about quality of provided medical services abroad,
If you want to pay more suitable prices for medical ad tourism costs,
If you want to enjoy traveling to Iran and receive tour services and good accommodation,
If you want to go shopping in famous market with suitable prices,
If you want to enjoy in traditional centers and have great memories,
If you want to experience behavior full of kindness, bailment and equity,
Choose Healtha right now.

Know advantages of Healtha:

  1. Great and friendly behavior
  2. Professional specialists
  3. Qualified medical centers
  4. Great and attractive services
  5. Suitable and affordable prices
  6. Excellent facilities
  7. High quality equipment
  8. Free and excellent consultation
  9. Acceptable treatment results

Companies and centers which are subset of Healtha health tourism holding:

  • Bastan international tourism institute
  • Treata Bastan health tourism development company
  • Homa Airsa travel agency
  • American Likotech international company
  • Aryan digital marketing agency
  • Iranshahr hospital
  • Tehran hospital
  • Hazrate Fateme hospital
  • Heart center
  • Dr. Sadri clinic