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Children Heart Surgery (Pediatric Heart Surgery)

The heart is one of the most important organs in the body and its health is very important. The physician who is responsible for the health of the human heart is the cardiologist. This doctor examines the heart in every way using various tests and solves the problem with different drugs. If the patient’s heart health is not resolved with the drug, the patient should see a cardiologist. The cardiovascular surgeon diagnoses the person’s disease and problem with various tests and examinations, and uses the surgery to give health to the person’s heart. A good cardiovascular surgeon can treat all heart defects, including congenital problems and so on.

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Children Heart Surgery

What diseases does a cardiovascular surgeon treat?

The heart and its associated arteries have different problems, the surgery of which is different. But the most important type of heart disease is clogged arteries, which is very dangerous and threatens the patient’s life. As we explained above, in such a case, the doctor performs open surgery and solves the patient’s problem by transplanting blood vessels from other parts of the body. Another problem seen in the heart is the irregularity in the type and number of pulses, which is called an arrhythmia, which can be treated with medication if its severity is low. Another surgery performed by a good cardiovascular surgeon is a heart transplant. In this case, when the patient’s heart is completely destroyed, the doctor saves the patient with a healthy heart transplant.

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Packages Price

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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take for a child to recover from open heart surgery?

Most children recover from heart surgery in about 5 to 7 days. They are generally back to their usual routines in about 4 to 6 weeks.

What is the most common complication after open heart surgery?

Possible complications include:


An irregular heart rhythm.

Infections of the chest wound.

Memory loss or trouble thinking clearly, which often improves within six to 12 months.

Kidney problems.


Heart attack, if a blood clot breaks loose soon after surgery.

Will my child be in pain after surgery?

Your child’s comfort is our priority; however, some degree of pain is expected with any surgery. Your child will likely be given pain medications continuously through their IV; some children also get pain medications while in the OR that last for a longer time. The nurse may also give extra doses of medication if your child appears uncomfortable.

How can I lift my baby after surgery?

Infants and small children need to be lifted by “scooping” (supporting the neck and shoulders and lifting under the buttocks). Continue to lift this way for 4 weeks after surgery to avoid stress on the incision.

Your child should avoid lifting, pushing, or pulling anything heavy (such as a gallon of milk) for 6 weeks after surgery. This includes mowing the lawn, or walking the dog.

When should I call the cardiologist?

pain that is not relieved with prescribed medicines

repeated vomiting

not urinating at least every 8 hours

breathing faster or harder

poor appetite

unusual cough

pale or bluish color

high temperature

increasing swelling, redness, or warmth at the incision or the area around it

drainage from the incision

incision is not healing

Children Heart Surgery

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