Hazrat Fatemeh (sa) Hospital

Hazrat Fatemeh (sa) Hospital

 was built in the Yousefabad area on 21st Street, has four floors and includes four departments: pediatrics and gynecology, surgery and internal medicine.

with the beginning of the imposed war, this hospital was exclusively dedicated to reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries in congenital malformations and general plastic surgery – hand and microscopic surgery and cranial and maxillofacial surgeries and cosmetic department. With the expansion of population and reputation of the hospital in the country, this hospital is a hub of plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries and a referral center from all parts of the country, which is currently expanding with the development and construction of a new building next to the main building ,all clinics and wards of Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, etc. have been transferred to this part of the building.



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