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Abdominoplasty or (tummy tuck)

Having a fit body, a flat stomach with firm skin is the desire of everyone who cares about his or her beauty and fitness. Today, with the development of modern clinical methods, this goal can be easily achieved. One way to eliminate abdominal obesity is Abdominal lift surgery. On the other hand, Iran has great medical infrastructure with lowest cost. Thus, we want to delve in abdominal lift in Iran.

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Abdominal lift

In Abdominal lift surgery, the area of the abdomen that has lost its original shape due to weight gain or weight loss, pregnancy, or loss of skin elasticity can regain its firm, well-proportioned tissue. In this process, excess wrinkles and stubborn fats are removed and as a result, beauty and youth return to this area of the body.

Abdominal lift removes excess fat and skin from the lower abdomen, lower sides, and lower back to create a slimmer, and fitter body . During this surgery, the main abdominal muscles, as well as weak or loosened muscles that were stretched or deformed during pregnancy, also return to their original state.

Packages Price

Packages Price

In terms of the price of health services, Healtha aims to offer the most competitive prices with other countries so that the price of Healtha services is much lower than the price of similar services around the world.



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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Body lifting?

Lift surgery or Loose skin facelift is actually a type of cosmetic surgery that aims to reduce wrinkles, eliminate the signs of skin aging and improve the overall appearance of the body.

In this operation, excess fats and skin that make the body look old are removed, which in the most common lifts include face lift, arm lift, breast lift and abdominal lift.

What is abdominal lift?

Abdominal lift is a type of cosmetic surgery that can improve the shape of the abdomen by first pulling the loose skin of the abdomen down and then cutting and removing the excess.

Then the umbilicus is implanted in its new place and the muscles that are separated from each other are returned to each other.

Abdominal lift is suitable for those who suffer from sagging abdominal skin due to excessive weight loss or pregnancy.

Abdominal Lift Surgery

Abdominal lift is one of the methods used for beauty and increasing fitness. Abdominal lifts are generally performed surgically and non-surgically, each of which is used in specific situations and has its own advantages and limitations.

A variety of abdominal lift procedures

The methods used in abdominal lift are of two types, one is non-surgical surgery.

Surgical abdominal lift procedure

In this method, an incision is made in a horizontal line below the abdomen. The skin is pulled from this area and the necessary sutures are carried out at the end.

But the point is that in this method, the location of the umbilicus may change. But you should not worry about this because doctors can take measures to regenerate the umbilicus on your abdomen.

But you should be aware that this method may have problems. Among other things, the suture trace remains on the skin in this method. Of course, the solution that can be offered to eliminate the suture trace is to use different lasers to reduce the suture scar.

Abdominal lift procedure without surgery

In this method, what happens is that the skin is pulled and sutured with lifting threads without making an incision on the skin.

This method is used in cases where excess and loose skin is low and does not need to be cut.

Therefore, it is not possible to say which of the abdominal lift methods is better. Because each is done in specific circumstances and you have to choose one of them according to your physical condition.

Suitable candidates for abdominal lift

Abdominal lift is used to improve the appearance and beautify the abdominal areas of both men and women.


The applications of abdominal lift are as follows:

Eliminates loose and sagging abdomen

Women who experience excessive loosening and sagging of the abdomen after childbirth can undergo abdominal lift surgery. Therefore, one of the positive results of the abdominal lift is that the sagging of the abdomen is eliminated and the abdomen becomes smoother and more beautiful.

Eliminates skin wrinkles in the abdominal area

Many people, because they are overweight, notice wrinkles and lines on their abdomen after a period of weight loss. In this case, they can eliminate all skin problems with the help of the lift method.

abdominal lift in Iran


How much does an abdominal lift cost?

The cost for different people to lift is very variable. Because doctors must first have the necessary examinations and examine all the physical conditions of the people, in the end, depending on how complicated the process of abdominal lift will be or whether it is a simple process, the cost will be determined.

In addition to individual criteria in determining the cost of abdominal lift, you should also pay attention to the expertise of the surgeon. If the doctor is highly specialized in abdominal lift, the cost will definitely be a bit higher.

The fact is that the high level of expertise, skill, experience of the doctor can undoubtedly determine the best treatment results for people.


Why abdominal lift in Iran?

Iran, with its strong medical infrastructure and low prices, is a good destination for people who want to undergo abdominal lift. In addition, Iran is a land with very attractive attractions and advantages. The nature and culture of Iran fascinates every tourist. You can enjoy a tourist experience in Iran after the operation and leave Iran with a happy memory.

Why Healtha?

Healtha, with its strong medical infrastructure and affordable prices, provides the right conditions for you to receive the treatment method you want for an abdominal lift. Healtha offers you free advice right from the start. It helps you choose the right package for you. Healtha offers everything related to obtaining a visa, accommodation, hotel, interpreter, and tours inside and outside the city. With Healtha, you will achieve the desired results in terms of abdominal lift and you will leave Iran with a happy memory.

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