Step By Step with Healtha

Step By Step with Healtha

  • Selecting a package on Healtha website
  • Visit the Healtha.Health website and search and study what your needs.
  • Contact with Healtha
  • Contact Healtha consultants via WhatsApp Healtha number or online chat or Healtha email.
  • Report about your request.
  • Send your medical records.
  • Get free medical and travel advice to Iran.
  • Preparing tickets and visas
  • Consult Healtha guides for issuing visas and tickets.
  •  Visa and flight tickets to Iran, including:
  •   Deposit the ticket and visa fee to the international account of Healtha for the                preparation of visas and tickets by Healtha Obtaining a visa from the Iranian                  consulate
  •   Issuance of visas at Iran’s international airports
  •   Buy tickets from ticket sales sites or air travel service offices (travel agency)
  • Travel to Iran
  • Check your flight day with Healtha
  • Fly to Iran safely.
  • Welcoming Healtha guide at the airport
  • Healtha interpreter guide welcomes you at the airport
  • You will transfer to a medical center or hotel
  • Transfer to the treatment site
  • Examination and hospitalization and medical services
  • End of treatment and discharge from the medical center
  • Providing tourism services
  • Visiting tourist attractions
  • Attractive museum visits
  • Visiting recreation centers
  • Buy from the bazaar ( marketing)
  • Returning to your home and place of residence
  • Receiving a satisfaction card from Healtha
  • Taking a memorial photo with Healtha
  • Giving a gift from Healtha
  • Transfer to the airport
  • Follow up by Healtha
  • Healtha consultants contact you to follow up on your satisfaction
  • Invitation to join the Healtha Customers Club and cooperate with Healtha

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