Healtha Treatment Packages

" Healtha Treatment Packages "

  • 1-The only treatment package includes:
  • -Medical services: examination + Para clinical services + hospitalization + treatment in addition
  • -Tourism services: Visa + interpreter + gift from Healtha
  • 2-The Gold package includes:
  • -Medical services: examination + Para clinical services + hospitalization + treatment + complete checkup in addition
  • -Tourism services: (Visa + interpreter + SIM card + Internet + one-day tour + one-time reception in the traditional cafeteria + CIP airport services + VIP airport transfer + city transfers + gift from Healtha
  • 3-The Silver package includes:
  • -Medical services: (examination + Para clinical services + hospitalization + treatment) in addition
  • -Tourism services: Visa + interpreter + SIM card + Internet + one day tour + VIP airport transfer + gift from Healtha
  • 4-Bronze package including:
  • -Medical services: (examination + Para clinical services + hospitalization + treatment in addition
  • Tourism services: Visa + interpreter + Internet + gift from Healtha
  • **All accommodation costs, including 3,4,5 star hotels, apartment hotels or private houses, are according to the demand of the patient if needed and requested by the patient. (Hotel amount is added to the package)
  • **It should be mentioned that Healtha Medical Park offers the best accommodation centers with the most appropriate prices to offer to patients and their companions for the comfort and well-being of patients and in order to satisfy customers.

“Factors affecting on the price of medical packages and tourism services in Healtha “

  1. Selection a package by Patient (treatment only, gold, silver, bronze)
  2. Offering special discounts on Various occasions
  3. Having international standards and certificates of medical centers
  4. Degree and rank of medical centers (approved by the Ministry of Health)
  5. Public or private medical centers
  6. The quality of hotel services in medical centers
  7. How and how much to treat patients in medical centers
  8. The amount of welfare facilities of the medical center
  9. Up-to-date quality of medical equipment
  10. Specialist and treating physician (physician experience and reputation, number of operations Physician, having an international certificate of a physician)
  11. City of treatment (capital, provincial center, distance between city)
  12. Date and time of treatment (patient traffic in different seasons)
  13. Type and choice of accommodation (private house, apartment hotel, 3-star hotel, 5-star hotel – near to the treatment site)
  14. Prolongation of treatment (for unforeseen cases)
  15. Need for special medical equipment (for some surgeries)
  16. Need for additional and special medications (as prescribed by your doctor)
  17. Using special and higher quality services (patient support services, type of transfer, choosing the type of tourist tours, etc.)

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