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  • Healtha Medical Park with the slogan (Healtha – your choice) is the first medical Medical Park and health tourism tour operator in Iran, which is a selected and coordinated set of medical centers including hospitals, clinics and Para clinical centers. Special and also some of the best travel services offices and companies active in the field of medical tourism whose mission is to provide all medical services and tourism services with the best quality and the most appropriate prices and without intermediaries for patients and international applicants. In this regard, the rates of some medical services along with the comparison of its capacities with other countries are described in the appendix to the continuation of this letter.

    In this regard, Healtha Medical Park with a strong, committed, professional and specialized staff who have the necessary and abundant expertise and experience in the field of tourism and treatment, offers the highest standards in the field of medical services and care for the convenience of patients and customers. , Designs and offers various packages in terms of price, desirable quality and different services for each field of treatment.

    (For more information about Healtha and Iran, and acquaintance with different types of treatment packages, visit the Healtha website and Healtha.Health website)

    Based on this, we inform you that Healtha Medical Park is ready for any cooperation with all companies, activists and agents of health tourism, and even doctors and people interested in this field in all parts of the world.

    Therefore, if our proposal has been considered by you, please contact the Healtha management through communication channels (WhatsApp, email and online chat) to provide additional explanations and acquaintance with the facilities, capacities and description of Healtha services.

    Healtha management will respond to you at the earliest opportunity.

  • Managing Director of Healtha Medical Park

                                   Reza Ghazi

  • Iran, has the cheapest and most appropriate prices for medical services in the world.
  • Iran, has the professional doctors and modern medical equipment.
  • Iran, has the most beautiful and diverse tourist attractions and world -registered attractions in UNESCO.
  • Iran, has the most delicious, varied and delicious foods in the world.
  • Iran, has the most diverse handicrafts and souvenirs in the world.
  • Iran, has the oldest and most civilized culture of the ancient country in the world.
  • Iran, has the most moral and kind people in the world.

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